I am making crunch carmel apple pie right now, and soon will put together the things for lasagna. Sigrid and Matt are coming over for dinner tonight (which is why there is a special dessert ;) ). I still have to swift and vacuum because Matt is allergic to animals and we have a small petting zoo.

Halloween was fun. I had 32 little trick or treaters …and I did write every single one down. The best costume of all was a little boy with his grandmother. When I asked him what his costume was he said something I couldn’t understand….”a kina?” What? His grandmother says “It’s a bird.” The boy responds “No it not” with quite some indignation. “It’s a mammal.” Ahh I say and nod knowingly.

Of course I don’t have any idea what he was talking about. I ask Tim “Do you know what an ‘a kina” is? It’s a mammal.”

Tim says “What? You mean an aechidna?”

“Uh…yeah. That is what I mean.” I said.

So then Tim was bummed that he didn’t get to see his costume because he probably would have made that kid’s day. My coup of the night was a little girl was dressed as Dobby the House Elf. I asked her where her sock was, and all of a sudden became really quiet, and her parents laughed. I heard them say that was a good one, and then her Mom saved her and said “She doesn’t get her sock until she is eighteen.” Ha. Now that is a good one.

After the kids stopped coming and Kate and Leopold came to end, I got a little bummed. I was sure I could stay home and do nothing on Halloween. I went to the computer and started to attack anyone that came online…which was few and far between. Then Sigrid came online and I asked her what she was doing home on a hip Friday night. She said that they were getting ready for Dan’s Halloween party. ??? What? How did I miss this? I want to go. She says go. I say, we already have been drinking. She says she will pick us up.

How awesome is that? So, we went to Dan’s Party (we have always liked them…). I had tons of fun and the rest of the weekend I felt no urge to go anywhere.

Tim took Pluto as a represenative to the Madison Dog Fair in the morning. Pluto got SO much attention he was whupped by the time he got home so all he did was sleep. I bet he was heaven. He loves people so much.

So far, I am keeping up with NaNoWriMo…although it has only been two days….and well…tonight. Tim has been doing really good, better than me even. But we all know it’s an endurance race.

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