I did it! I changed wireless service and cut our bill down in half! Wonderful. Not to mention we are getting the coolest phones that have a retail price of 175$ … for free (with two year contract). It felt SO good to call AT and T to cancel our service. However, Justin, the man who helped me was nice and suggested first changing out monthly plan to the lowest possible one…which is 19.99 for 45 minutes. Sick isn’t it? That is SO little. He was like, are you sure you want that? I said, Yeah, I can gaurantee I won’t be be using them because my phone is broke!

Uff. The reason I did that was because the can only cancel the service at the end of the billing cycle which is on the 20th of this month. I am pleased though because I saved us 60 dollars, minus the activation fees on the new phones (…54 dollars), I saved us six bucks! What am I gonna do with all that moola? That is like 600 dollars in savings over the year??? IS that right? Wow.

Where else can I cut corners?

I got up this morning to make Tim breakfast and lunch because we have no easy food. If I hadn’t have done it he wouldn’t have eaten or would have spent money on lunch. I need to go to the store to get some real staples like bread, milk, cereal, co co wheats..etc. Not a big grocery bill like last time because I don’t need any meat.

I am keeping my head above water with Nano. I have 7,000 and some change in words. Gotta keep at it. At least I have a mission now for the characters and have set up some scenes I can work on when my imagination runs out of gas.

Tonight I am meeting Sophie and her mother. Although my days have now changed to once a week and the odd days here and there. Eh, I already committed…so why not? It’s on Wednesday’s, and to be honest, it feels like charity work, which is something all good housewives get into sooner or later. That or the church. Heh.

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