I know it has been awhile when blogger forgets me and I have to manually sign in. Sigh. The last two days I have been sleeping in … later. Although I did fight for my life to get up today at 10:00. I think it was because we had a lot of late nights this past weekend and I am used to staying up late. Last night I stayed up and did some beadwork while listening to old movies. I really enjoy beadwork, it calms me.

I finished the shawl and am about to finish the quilted knitted throw I have been working on for the past eight months. I am thinking I will have to make Pluto’s hood next, and then work on the rocking chair. THIS week though I need to make the downstairs look warm and inviting, and like a party down there wouldn’t be a weird thing. Not to mention the house was destroyed by my darling, dog and cats this past weekend and all the floors need to be sweep, mopped and vacuumed….again.

This last weekend, Tim and I managed to rake the whole back yard! We did it! It took about two hours and many trips of tarps laden with leaves, but we managed and for one half hour the back yard looked awesome. Of course now as I am typing this there are two carpets being added to by the minute under two of the trees stubbornly holding on to their leaves. We are going to have to do at least more raking this season and clean out the gutters again.

Speaking of the cats, I woke up on Saturday morning hearing some loud and awful. I quickly elbowed Tim in the ribs so that he would wake up and hear the banshee’s fight for their lives in the living room. I reached for my glasses and Tim and I were soon running into the living room to see what was going on. Migo was under the couch and Arkham was stalking away. I didn’t get to see where Innsmouth was at that point, but I am sure that this witness had run from the crime scene. The cats were fighting! Honest to god, get the hell of of my terrirtory you dirty whore, fighting. I had to check Migo to see if she was okay (which she was) but Tim said he later found Migo fur still in his claws.

The rest of the day and the next all the cats were edgy. They wouldn’t eat next to each other with growling and starting a mexican stand off so that we had to give them seperate bowls. What started this? They have never fought before. Tim thinks there was a rebellion in the heirarchy.

Oh and that also reminds me that Pluto is afraid of Juno Reactor. Heh. I was playing DW4 and listening to musici when a song came on that distubed Pluto. Although I didn’t realize it at first. I thought he was going to just get something to drink or something, but every time the stereo made a low ‘woo’ noise he would pace back and forth with his ears cocked. I thought it was funny so I called Tim in to watch and rewinded the noise for a bit…that is until I realized that Pluto was shaking. Poor dear. No more Juno Reactor for him. Heh, and yesterday while we were watching the Wonder Boys on TV, the pitpull that gets shot was barking…remember that? Well that the dog is barking and out of nowhere we hear a rusty sounding growl in our own house. The first time we have ever heard Pluto growl and he was doing it because, though he is normall afraid of dogs barking……dogs barking in our house is unacceptable. This is his space.

Did you read that? He is viewing the house as his space! That means he is starting to really adjust to living here. Cool.

We also got our new phones…so that means I have a new cell phone number, as does Tim. If you want it let me know. The phones are half the size of our old phones, and they are SO little and cute. I am almost afraid I am going to lose it, but it is small enough to put in any pocket and doesn’t turn on easily so I won’t accidentally be calling anyone like I did with the last phone. That piece of crap.

I got a piece of mail that should sum up my job search and my luck:

Dear Ms. Red Eagle,

…[sic]….We received an overwhelming response to this recruitment: 272 individuals applied for the position…[sic].



Um, do I need to say anymore? 272 people for a lousy secretary job? Egads. Tomorrow is my first day taking care of Sophie after her school. I have the bus route figured out and everything, I hope it goes well.

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