Today is turning out nice. It is much warmer outside then it has been for awhile and Pluto really took to playing with the first stuffed animal with a squeeky toy in it that we got for him when he moved in. That is my latest plan. To bring toys outside where he will hopefully play with them and then catch on that he can play with toys INSIDE the house too. I made a few more snoflakes and then did the poor’s man varnish (which is to put then inside of clear tape and trim the edges) and put the on the bay window. Yesterday, I put clear plastic on all the windows except two in the office because we had misjugded the size of a few windows. Hm…it’s better to have bigger windows than small ones, right?

I am going to be baking two pies today! A custard pie and a pumpkin pie to bring tomorrow. His mom usually buys the already made pies, but I think homemade are much better. Especially the crust, I am a big fan of pastries and so the crust is important. I have never made a custard pie, so that is going to be a new experience.

Uff speaking of food, I should eat something right now. I am feeling really peckish and the decaf coffee went straight to my system and made it feel all grumpy. OH did I mention I fixed our tub drain too? The other day it wasn’t draining at all, so I took matters into my own hands and fixed it. All I needed to do was plunge it (something I would have done anyway), but what really made it work was putting petroluem jelly around the edges. It makes it so that the contact with the tub is a air tight fit and way more powerful. It was awesome. Taking a shower today was a dream.

[Warmed up some leftover chicken casserole]

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Greg and Bekah are making an appearance after three years! This will the be the first time her parents meet her french husband Greg. I can’t wait to see what Greg thinks of it, how the day goes, the jello, the turkey (I really hope they make it instead of ham), and the day trip. I don’t know what we are going to do with Pluto because his parent’s have like five or six little ankle biters and he hates small dogs and barking. He gets all afraid and whiny.

Tonight Tim and I are going to this little ELCA Lutheran church I found in our neighborhood. Instead of having a Thanksgiving morning service, they do a service the night before, followed by a coffee hour (so the little old lady informed me on the telephone) and we are welcome to come. Ahh lutherans and their coffee and cookies. We were going to check out this church last weekend but we both slept in too late and it was cold. Hopefully it will make a favorable impression tonight, so that we can finally have found a church.

Well, off to bake. Have a happy thanksgiving guys!

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