How could she? I can only assume that she knew and since she is a bitter mean old woman, she didn’t tell my Dad. How could she? Maybe it happened so fast that there wasn’t time… I hope to god that is it.

My step mom Barb called me this morning to tell me that Allen Sr (Uncle). had just called their house. He said that my Aunt Janice had been on life support and that they were taking her off today.

What? Today? Now? If I had only known. I would have visited her. We all would have. I didn’t know her that great … but I knew her. She was my aunt. The only woman in my dad’s side of the family that characteristics to myself.

It was the cancer…I know it. I guess they didn’t get it all. But how long has she been there at the hospital? How fast did this happen? Did Diana know??? I called Shane to find out….he was still out from last night. He is the only one that Diana still talks too…maybe he would know or could find out. It seems like the only time I ever call my Mom house and ask specifically for Shane, it is because I am the bearer of bad news. Just like my Dad becomes inable to tell me and has Barb do it.

My Dad is devastated. They had gotten along very well over the years.

She will probably have a white funeral, and I do want to go. Geez. How does this happen between brothers and sisters?

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