I have to clean the house tomorrow. Thank god for those trundle beds. My Dad, his wife and my brother will arrive sometime around 6:00 tomorrow. My dad was recently bitten by a brown recluse spider…the same thing that bite Callie awhile back. Tim tells me that unlike other spiders that just paralizes with it’s venem, this spider injects a necrotizing agent. That goes along with my Dad’s bite because it killed all the cells around the bite and it got infected and he had to have some kind of expensive machine to keep a vacuum around it. He might have lost his leg if he hadn’t gotten help when he did. Weird.

Anyway, they are showing up tomorrow so he can get some rest and keep off the leg and be ready for Friday. The viewing is at 12:00 to 2:00, then a service followed by a meal. This is my first non traditional funeral as an adult for me. I just have to be strong my family…especially my Dad.

Aunt Janice was one of two aunts that I had. Now I am done to one mean aunt (who used to be favorite) and an uncle I have never met on my Mom’s side. I hope that my brothers and I, and Tim’s siblings don’t turn to this…to fighting (like my Dad is with my other Aunt Diana). It’s terrible. I wonder if she will be there Friday. Janice was the aunt with flare and style and looked incredible. She had super long, straight hair, was incredibly beautiful and a party girl. The outfits she wore when she was younger seemed like she came straight out of a haute coutre magazine.

Well, I should go to bed. I have a lot to do tomorrow. Night.

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