So after getting two Christmas cards last week, I was reminded that I was late this year. Well not late in the traditional sense, but in that I didn’t do it the first week of December. It has been a busy few weeks, that is for sure. Uff. I finished most of them yesterday with the exception of a few which I plan to write a letter or send something, especially since they are long distance kinds of things.

It would appear that I am baby sitting tonight. Tim is going to pick the girls up afterwork, come over and pick me up, and go over to their house. Then I spent the night, the next day a service called Mr Mom drives the kids to school, and then I get ready for my interview with Edgewood College (Wednesday). Instead of coming home right away after 8:00, I think I will just stay there until I have to leave for the interview so that I am only on the bus twice. Yeah…. I wish I had sensible, good looking shoes (read boring) for this. Eh.

I have a gazillion letters to write. They have caught up with me….and it’s not like I don’t have anything to talk about. I always do… :) But lots of stuff has been rolling around in my head that I could write about…so this trip away from home will give me some time to catch up. I also need to work on the favors for the holiday party this Saturday.

I finished reading This Alien Shore by C S Friedman…I really enjoyed it, and the best part is I have three more recommendations from the Peterson clan to go through. It’s been awhile since I have had a good book to read, and not just magazines or online material.

I really really liked Battlestar Galatica last night on SciFi. Tim and I spent a good time talking about cylons and their possible movitivations today, in regard to a bunch of the nerds at Epic saying “man vs. machine = yawn” and “Babylon Five is better”. Idiots. Those nerds piss me off the most. They never like anything new until it has been validated by others. They never openly admit to liking something until they have heard others admit to it first. They think they are so different, and orginal and glory in their “nerd – dom” and being an outcast of society…when they uphold those rules even more to their own kind (only after it has been accepted by a sufficient number dorks). Fuckers. I have never said I was a nerd, thank god. I wouldn’t want to be like one of them. And for the record, I have never thought of Tim as a nerd either.

But aside from that rant, Battlestar was great! Too bad I don’t get to see the second part tonight because their isn’t cable where I am going. :( Tim is going to have to tape it. Or, I could just go one and see when scifi is going to be showing it again. They can’t help gloating and showing things over and over and over ….

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