Yesterday I proclaimed an all you can eat junk food holiday for myself and for Tim. We ate tons of great leftover party items and today I fear, I am suffering from a sugar high crash. Yes, indeed. I had a headache and the terrible muscle pain in my back has returned. Blah. There is only so much pain killers one can take before you wish you were rich and had a personal massage person to fix it. Not that I have ever had a massage, but I have the distinct feeling it is something I would like a lot.

Well, the party went okay. I hope everyone had fun, but unlike other years this one ended around 11:00. Oh there were some people that stayed but those were the relatives or the ones who were staying overnight, or showed up at 11:00. Which was great because then I really had a chance to talk and visit with them. Poor Callie and Jason, I felt bad that they drove that whole way for just an hour or two and missed everyone that they would have loved to talk with. On the other hand, I understand that many people were double booked for the night and in that case I am happy that they showed up. I just hope they had a good time. And it was good to see so many familiar faces again. I just wish I had more time to talk to them.

Now that it is done I don’t have to worry about having another party for a long time. The fact that I had three in four in one year is pretty amazing. The farewell party, the bridal shower, Tim’s birthday party and then the Christmas party. I think I am hosted out for awhile. It will be nice to just attend other parties and enjoy talking with people. I was sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with Eric and Kate though. I miss them. :( I was bummed when after they left to go back to Chicago. Why can’t they move here again? Or follow me around as I make big life decisions? Oh right, because they have their own life. I did however, use one of the little teacups I got as gift today to drink my decaf english breakfast. It was so cute! I wanted to get Pluto and the kitties and have a regular tea party.

I wrote letters to day. I could write some more except I felt that I started to get boring and so I am leaving the one I am working on for another time. Maybe tomorrow. I have this christmas paper that i can only use before Christmas, so I am anxious to use it up. I still have ten sheets left even though I managed to destroy four of them by spilling tea and doing a bad printing job for one of the completed letters. Bah.

Tim should be home any minute now, which will be a good thing because I am sick of hearing Pluto pace and whine as he waits for his all mighty master to step through the front door.

My realator stopped by today to drop off a housewarming gift. It is a small set of barbecue spatula’s with a beer opener attached on the other end, and his name etched on the side. Kind of a funny thing really, but they were nicely done and it was the thought that counts. It will come in handy for the cook outs we are going to have next year. I am looking forward to that, to warm weather and burnt meat. Yum.

Christmas is still going on? Wow, I am totally out of the mood. I don’t know where it went this year. I feel like I was bit by a humbug somewhere along the way. I wish I could have some of that old enthusiasm. I had it last year, I am sure of it.

No word from Edgewood yet. Maybe they made the decision that I couldn’t make myself. That I didn’t really want to work there. It didn’t feel right. Perhaps something will come along, or perhaps I will just be happy with doing what I really want to do.

I have a ton of crafts to get done this week. If my back would stop hurting it wouldn’t be a problem to just sit here and do it. I feel more like I want company to do it though, other than Tim’s back and interferring cats and an annoyed dog.

Oh, there were tons of pictures taken. I will post them as soon as I get them all. What a gray day.

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