Wow, I think this is one of the longest stretches of not posting anything. I do have reasons though. One of the more believable ones being that our modem crashed and burned on us. It took three days until we had a new one and by then the weekend hit. I don’t often go on the computer to do anything on the weekend. But now, today is Monday.

This weekend was pretty good. It started on Friday with Tim getting an extra hundred dollars from Epic as a Christmas bonus! Totally unexpected because a few weeks earlier he had gotten a notice from Epic saying that they were going to donate a hundred dollars in his name to a charity. They had a list of them, and we ended up picking Big Brother and Sister because it was the closest thing to Kinship (which I had participated in growing up). We were excited. After work he picked me up and went to Best Buy to buy the Two Towers extended DVD and then over to the theater to get tickets for Saturday mornings first show. Success on both levels! Plus we ordered pizza, and it was very good. I bought dinner that night from my babysitting stint.

That night we watched extended Towers and I personally loved it. I appreciated all the extra scenes and thought it made a better movie. The next day we saw the Return of the King and that was equally great. The battle scenes were awesome and I choked up the most when Faramir was riding to his doom, and when Eowin beat the witch king. Great stuff. I am already looking forward to next year when I can watch them all at once with the extended scenes.

The rest of the day was spent lounging and reading. That night I felt I wanted to go out and clear my head and be around people. Tim wasn’t up to going to the inferno so I took a chance and called Dave and Sarah to see if they were going. They were, AND they were willing to give me a ride! How awesome is that? Very. Anyway, I got there and visited with Lowen, Sarah and briefly with Jen and Tiara who stopped by for short while from their viking party. I had a good time and even danced to one song. Woo. On the way out, I decided to glance at the pictures the Inferno had from their seven years of operation and found myself. A wee thing of about 20. I ganked the picture because it was so weird to see me from years ago…and looking good. :D I consider it my Christmas card from the Inferno. I think I was the only one who ganked a picture though. Bad me.

Sunday was sleep and book filled. That night we watched Terminator III, which could have just been a 15 minute extra at the end of the second one that said “Fifteen years later….” Blah. Waste of time. I was hoping it would have dealt with the war and not the *yawn* prevention of it again.

Today I am cleaning up. I have Sophie and Hannah coming over to spend the day here, and half a day on Wednesday while they are on Christmas break. Then Friday I will head over to their place and hang out with them some more. I looked around the house and gathered a small pile of toys and art supplies they can play with if they get bored. I think we are going to make some Christmas cookies, walk Pluto and …who knows what else. Kids are such fun.

I need to get a shopping list together tonight for a few things we need to pick up at Woodman’s. On Wednesday we are going to do a little shopping for presents for Thursday at the Benninghoff palace. It seems like today is going so quickly.

Oh and I got the christmas party pictures! I am going to have to make some room, but I will have them up shortly. There are alot..

AND, it is really warm today. A whopping 45 degrees! I can see spots in the yard where Pluto is making a little dirt track. It was funny because he biffed it on the ground but got up and kept running. I had to give him a sponge bath when we got in. I also think I am teaching him how to catch things. I think. Lets see if lightening strikes twice. If it does, then we are on the road to learning a new trick.

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