I think this was the best benninghoff christmas yet! Tim and I had loads of fun. There was church, but that was great because we sang most of the time and the service got messed up in parts so it was funny. Followed by the flurry of setting the table and then eating. Then we all helped to clean up (with the exception of Tim) so that it was done within 30-45 min. Presents quickly followed while the coffee brewed and then Mark and Erica had to leave, but the rest of played the new benninghoff holiday tradition of a board game. It was cool because mother in law Sharon put considerable interest and BOUGHT a game especially for this! Usually she doesn’t, and the first couple of years she would just cook and then mysteriously disappear for the rest of the day.

It was a game called Loaded Questions, I have never heard of it, but it was fun. Tim who trailed the whole game eventually ended up winning by guessing what every answered to the question of “What Horror movie scared you the most”. You see, the question was asked. Then everyone but Tim answers and then the sheets are passed to the previous person and he reads the answers out loud. Tim then tries to figure out who said what…he actually got five for five…the first time in the game and for the winning ticket.

Afterward we sat around some more, Ben left and then after awhile so did we–so we could get back and feed the animals. Pluto is pooped! Being around six other dogs and the excitement really wore him out. It kind of sucks that Tim has to work tomorrow…but at least it is only one day. It was even cooler because this month I made an extra 250 dollars babysitting and Tim got a 300 dollar bonus from Epic. That means we could pay for the Christmas party, the presents to ourselves (the DVD home theater, digital camera, Lord of the Rings II DVD, tickets to see the final LoTR movie (awesome!!!), and pajamies for me since Tim ganked the other really comfortable pair), and it paid for one gift to each of the family. Rock on!

We got Mark a little shelf, Sarah got two placematts with matching cloth napkins and napkin holders, ben got coffee and fancy cookie things, erika got a chocolate tin, Phil got a chinese bowl with chop sticks and a little tray, sharon and tim got a big tea pot, tea and a homemade tea cozy, Luke got a five in one or whatever game kit and then there the two gifts for Bekah and Greg which I will have to send them since they couldn’t be there. Neither was Sarah and Luke, but I just left those gifts at the house and they will have to open them in February when Sarah moves back to Wisconsin.

WE got two wooden elephants with bendy knees and trunks and a gift certificate to Barnes and nobels from phil, a framed drawing and two bar stools from Ben, a game called “the 90′s game from mark (finally a trivia game *I* can play….I just wish I could find someone to play it with me right now. :( ), and Pluto got a ball toy from Wrigley. What a haul!

We drove home and then I called my Mom and talked with her for an hour and found out that I am not getting an extra cash in my per capita check because of some vague BIA regulations. I WISH I had gotten the letter. This disappointed me so much. Now I am going to have find more ways to earn my keep and really focus on accomplishing my New Years resolutions.

All in all, I had a great christmas day, which is funny considering I still don’t feel too much of the Christmas spirit. I guess it nice to see how the family is coming together SO nicely. I can’t wait until there are kids in the bunch.

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