Today I spent with the poppets. I looked at all their Christmas presents, fixed some barbies badly in need of make overs, read a book and solved the mystery, went to the park and played the princess quest, hide and seek, rides on a blanket over the floor, dress up and dance recitals, strawberry shortcakes, house of mouse, lunch, clean up, tried to take a nap, and button making (not in that order). It was fun and my praise is: I will make a good mommy, I am the best babysitter there is, and …. uhh….well they keep calling me back? Right? Heh.

Anyway, Tim stopped by to pick me up but the Mom wasn’t home yet, so I told him to go on ahead and take care of the dog. Pluto had his first full day of being home alone and thankfully didn’t chew up anything, pee or poo anywhere and he ate a good portion of his dinner. Stinky dog. The Mom drove me home fifteen minutes later and then Tim and I went grocery shopping.

You know what would be a fun job? To stand in line and criticize what other people are getting. I mean, in this great nation of obese people, I would single handledly transform the morbidly obese folks to just overweight by showing them better food options and explaining just how bad some of it is for them. I say that, of course, after watching a family by four boxes of ice cream cones, two boxes of fudge sickles, ice cream, doritos, Hawaiian punch, Classic Coke, Red Baron pizza’s, Stouffer’s lasagna, chef boy arde ravioli, pop tarts, etc, etc. First, I could shave their bill down by telling them how generic really isn’t that different than brand name. Second, do you REALLY need that much sugar and fattening food? No, I didn’t think so. BUT, it’s none of my business. I just wish that America was better educated on how to purchase inexpensive food and make better food choices. My mom did the same thing when I was growing up…except she might have gotten more generic items, but there was a lot of chips, coke, banquet chicken, etc that we didn’t really need. Ha, not that it really mattered because us kids didn’t get any. We got the pea soup with ham for dinner and was in bed by eight. AFTER eight, is when they made the good stuff. They didn’t do that all the time, but enough for me to remember it.

Anyway, we finished shopping (76 bucks for two weeks), and Tim bought some Michelob Ultra based on a recommendation by Lowen. So far, it just tastes like Old Style from a tap but with half the calories.

Tim wasn’t in the mood for DDR, and I did think about it. But I decided to do dishes, make dinner and now surf the web and post on this. My calfs are still a little sore from this weekend. On Saturday we went over to John’s house where we were indoctrinated into the Revolution. My god, that game is fun. After three hours of dance dance dancing, we played Mario Kart and Mario Party before heading home. The holidays just aren’t the same without a session of vids tucked in. On Sunday we headed out on our quest to buy some floor pads and a used game. We got lucky at EB games were we got DDR1 and some pads for only 19 each. I looked online later and found that I can modify them with some items from home depot. I think I might do that to extend the life of the pads and also because it would seem I am a bit of a shuffler.

I was trying to think of kids that would like this game and Kino and Tata came to mind. I bet they could get as good as the kids Tim saw in England playing it at the arcade.

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