Thank goodness yesterday is over. I never should have drank that much. “Never again! And this time….I mean it.”

Heh. Right.

Tim was good though. He took Pluto out to the dog park, bought some ice cream and went over to Liama’s to pick up leftover sushi (which I got to enjoy much later that night). I watched part of the Animatrix and then watched Soylent Green for the first time. I had to remind msyelf that this movie was made in 1973, so … computers weren’t really a viable part of everyday life. Which really, would have made a huge difference in how that society was run.

Now today I am faced with a very messy house. The house took a back seat in the whole holiday season. I straightned up a bit this morning in preparation for the assessment inspector. He looked around and asked a few questions and then said he would send the new assessment in April. Sigh.Watch the property taxes jump up. Blah.

I am alternately hungry, not hungry and then head achy, not head achy today. I bet it is a leftover effect from yesterday’s personel hell.

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