My wacky Saturday night consisted of watching Chick flick on the Oxygen channel, making frozen pizza, a hash brown (since I was using the oven), popcorn and ice cream while Tim sat plugged into his computer moving fictionalized warrior bots around on virtual battlefields with other boys. After my teary eyed movie ended I moved to the computer to read way to much livejournal for people who aren’t even on my friend list and talk with Erica is who is also stranded at home on a Saturday night.

Although she said it was okay for me because I am married.

Bah, as I have just proven it is no better than being a single old maid with a bunch of cats, snails, one lonely white fish and a dog. Speaking of dog, Tim offered to foster a coworkers dog because he is dedicated to helping out others find homes for pets when they make life changes. I said sure and went along with it, not excepting it would really happen. Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow morning at 11 or so, it is happening. It is a 40 pound lab mix and he will be staying with us for four days until Wednesday. I finish taking care of small children and move immediately onto dogs. Yah. This oughta be interesting.

You see, the reason Tim and I can both have pets is because … well we like them. I love animals. Tim loves animals. However, I can be a bit ambivalent about living with them. Oh sure I take care of them and play with them and all that, but in the end I kind of treat them like siblings.

The Mom of the poppets said she would be a reference for me, and that I was really good at thinking of crafty things to do. While I agree I am good at that, I am also really really good of thinking of mini games to keep kids interested and active for all age ranges. That is if they want to play, I also know when they need their own time. I wonder if it is because I grew up with four siblings and they were all boys? Or because I have a very active imagination? Or because I like playing still? Who knows. Anyway, she said that this Red Caboose (a day care place) had been looking for someone a few months ago who would think of and do crafty activities with kids for 1 to 2 hours per week, and that she would recommend me when that kind of position opens up again. That would be AWESOME! We shall see if that turns out.

Um what else. I wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles or Borders today to buy a new calendar, but that didn’t happen. I don’t think it will happen tomorrow either. I wish I had a new calender. I like them. They help me keep track of my correspondence and make me feel like I have a social life.

I should write a letters right now instead of posting in this, but I don’t think I have anyone to write to other than my Mom and maybe my friend…no is her turn. Yeah, that’s sad. I should look for more, or better yet, forego that completely to just write and write and write. If I am going to have any chance of completing my new year’s resolutions this year, I need to get crackin’.

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