Whoa, blogger changed it’s posting screen….weird. I don’t know if I like it. I am a creature of habit.

Today was a dog day. It all started out with Pluto going to the dark park this morning with Tim. They were there about a half an hour when a couple of irish setters came. Pluto went over to say hi, like the friendly dog he is, and was attacked by one of them. OH how he wailed (so I have heard) and then started limping. Tim took him home immediately where his limp steadily got worse. But not so bad that he couldn’t walk on it. It only seems to be sprained and was swelling. Of course him standing on it all morning didn’t help, but that was understandable because at 11:00, Einstein the lab mix came over.

He barked and was a vicious little beast. Both Pluto and I were ascared, but after about ten minutes of calming down he could come in the house. It took another 15 to 20 minutes before I could trust him and he seemed more at ease. It’s weird having a small dog around the house. I know he isn’t technically small, he is more medium size, but compared to Pluto he is like a baby! And SO much energy! He is only a year old and retains much of his puppy behavior. The cutest thing about him is that he sits and stares at you trying to be good so that you will give him attention or treats. The bad thing is can’t walk on a lease very well — he pulls the whole time, and he whines! Oh does he whine. I have a feeling he is going to test my patience a bit tomorrow when Tim leaves.

As for Pluto, well Tim overreacted and feared the worst and wanted to take him to an emergency clinic. I said that it was sprained and really only hurt him when we bent his ankle joint. After a while I convinced him to call some of the contacts that GPA gave us for advice, but none of them were home. Finally he called one of the women that usually go to the dog park on the weekends and talked with her. She suggested ice (which I had mentioned) and baby aspirin (which I didn’t think of), and to see how it goes. Thank goodness for all my animal planet watching, and pet reading because honestly? There isn’t much you can do for a sprain or bruised tendon but let him rest. So Tim went out and got the aspirin and gave to Pluto via cheese, and he finally laid down to rest, at which point we put ice on his leg. He has been laying down most of the day and seems to be a bit better. I hope that tonight really helps him and tomorrow. He does seem to be better and he was running around a bit before we stopped him. I know it sucks to be on bed rest, but our little puppy doesn’t see it that way, especially when there is a near puppy staying with us.

That was the major excitement today. Poor Pluto, and poor Tim. Tim said that when he talked to Annabelle’s “Mom” ( as she calls herself) she said a friend of her took a cat to the emergency clinic and was charged 500 dollars just for walking in the door on a weekend. My god. That is too much to humor my darling paranoia. Now if his leg was at an angle or he couldn’t put any pressure on it, then it would be a different story. Tim was worried that we might cause irreparable damage by not going and having it checked out. I think to wait a few days, based on previous experience with the cats when they get sick and from what I have gleaned by research. Hmm, I guess we shall see. I think Pluto is a trooper and will be fine in a few days, provided he doesn’t run around or go for walks.

Stinky dogs. We have Einstein until Wednesday night and luckily for him his owner found a couple who wants to adopt him on Friday night. It’s also cute that he loves playing with toys. Hopefully Pluto will learn a thing or two from him about playing with them more. AND hopefully Einstein will learn a thing or two about being more calm. It’s funny because Einsteins owner said “Pluto is the calmest excited dog I have ever seen.”

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