Life only begins when Tim comes home. Apparently I am not good enough for my canine companions. Pluto is much better today but still is not allowed out for walks or can run and play in the back yard. Cruel irony that the new, younger dog comes and gets walks and attention when Pluto must stay rested and house bound. Poor boy.

Today I: Cleaned Koopa’s palace, complete with scrapping her poo off of the spinning wheel, and fed her. She get’s fed every other day and today I noticed that the Can O Crickets is getting moldy. I guess we should have refrigerated it next to the meal worms. Eh.

Today I: Did the laundry and on one my trips downstairs caught Einstein peeing on the floor. He got yelled at and his basement privileges revoked.

Today I: Wrote some emails and surfed the web looking for good information sites on where to submit fiction.

Today I: Made a calendar.

Today I: Took a shower. Blah, I hate getting wet in cold weather, even if it was a hot shower. My skin gets so dry and I would prolong it more except my scalp goes into revolt.

Tonight I am going to make baked chicken, potato and veggies…and maybe some more tea.

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