Einstein needs to go out like every two to three hours. It’s insane. I wonder how he managed when he is at home. His owner said she comes home at lunch and takes him out, but aside from the morning and when she gets home from work that is all. I wonder if accidents were something she neglected to mention. I am also going to be glad when Wednesday comes so that I can have the whole side of my bed back. We had kicked him off the bed when we first tried to go to sleep, but he paced and paced and paced until finally I made some room for him. Tim summed it up when he said “I am not going to start breaking him from bad habits.” Yes, I think we can save that one for his new owners on Friday.

On the whole though, he is a good puppy. ….. Moments later…. Did I say he was good? Ha, I just caught the little bugger in the cats room helping himself to cat poo. Fuck. Then yesterday I caught Pluto outside playing his frozen turds again and trying to eat it. When will their obession with poop stop? How did they get it? Disgusting.

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