I checked my email this morning and what do I find? Well, two weeks ago or so, I had spent a good many hours on the internet (when I stayed home ‘sick’) and had become obessed with trying to find anyone that I could remember from Boyceville highschool with a online presence. I had found only one person with an email, and that was as a job posting. Luke B, moved to Boyceville his senior year (my freshman). For Christmas that year, he got my friend Melinda and I a Playgirl, which we promptly opened up on the church steps across from the school. Luke was also the first person that I ever went a coffee house with, he was already worldly and knew that when the coffeehouse has a band, then it is going to be loud (so he brought paper and pens and started to draw and write) leaving my friend and I at a loss of what to do. Well, for a few minutes anyway before I spied the guy with really cool hair. Further on in the night I ended up talking to cool hair guy, and ..blah blah blah..that is a long story and getting off the topic of Luke. ANYWAY, he emailed me that he was in Tokoyo and going to South Korea today. How interesting. When you think of Luke you think of him in a 1940′s sepia movie type setting. It has been 9 years or so since I thought of him.

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