Been around the world and aahh ahh ……ahh can’t find my baby.

Blah. I hate it when I get that song in my head, especially since it is that lousy puff fucker’s ripped off version that comes to mind first.

Yesterday I had grand plans for doing some writing, but got caught up in a project I had been meaning to finish for years, and refound it when I was going through old zip disks. That also brought up another project of moving all those digital images over to the server and then eventually picking my favorite and burning it to a disk so that I can print pictures from them. But that is for another week.

I am trying to inspire myself by telling me that the sooner I get some shit published the sooner I will have the money and reason to travel again, to go to coffee houses and buy nice coffee and meet with interesting people, to go out to dinner and eat food that I haven’t prepared myself. Oy. It’s my biggest incentive and motivating force right now.

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