Last night Tim and I watched The Happiness of Katakuri’s. What is that about you ask? I can’t describe it, so I am giving you Netflick’s discription, ,which is pretty good. It would be better if Tim wrote a review for it (hint), but here you are for now:

Horror director Takashi Miike’s decidedly nontraditional musical tells the story of the Katakuri clan, innkeepers who live on the depopulated slopes of Mount Fuji and who band together with tuneful Von Trapp-like determination when their guests keep turning up dead. Upon discovery of the first body, reaction shots of each family member are given the full music-video treatment … replete with dry ice and blue light!

And indeed it did have blue light and dry ice! My goodness…this movie was very entertaining. I noticed out list was getting low, so I spent a good chuck of time today planning and searching for other movies I may want to see. I have such gems as: The Grave of the Fireflies, B5 season 3, disk one and disk two, Whalerider, Koi…mil gaya , etc. Awesome.

So I decided for my birthday that I don’t want to go out to Outback Steakhouse, because I would rather spend the money that would have been spent on a steak for me AND Tim. You see? This time I get twice the gift. So at first I was going to spend the forty bucks on I went there and browsed, but their website wasn’t consistently working. I thought about it some more and came upon the perfect place to spend it. Bennie F! Yeah! They have everything and it is cheap. It’s more like getting birthday presents if I go there for a shopping spree. I don’t know what I will come back with. It is also kind of exciting to be spending the money instead of saving (like I normally do). If I save it, then I am not getting it, and it is not even a present that … er…. Tim is giving…( to me. Besides, I can cook. OR we can go to Arby’s for a roast beef sammich and that is just as special. I know it is next week, but Ben Franklins is really exciting stuff.

If you are wondering where I have been, the answer is right here. I have been spending inordinate amounts of time writing. The past weekend, we went to Borders and spent our gift certificates on: calanders and a book called Writing Without the Muse — it is a small book that is just filled with writing exercise ideas. It’s awesome. I think it’s so great because it has brought back how much fun it is to write. I love it. I love just being able to write crap and more crap, but at least not feel guilty about it because I know something will eventually evolve. I have also been trying to catch up on all my correspondence in the off time when I am not writing or managing the household affairs. The only thing I wish I could do is get up and STAY up when Tim goes to work. Instead I nod back to sleep and wake up between 10 and 11. Blah. I do get some strange dreams out of it though, but nothing that you could really write a story with. THis morning’s dream involved my ex boyfriend Tom, Sarah C. and old roommate Dave M, ,oh and Madonna.

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