It’s cold! Man it is it cold. I took Pluto out and the patio had iced over and he couldn’t come inside until he jumped on the back porch step. Poor boy. At least he did his duty fairly quickly. Brr. I can feel it in the house where we weren’t able to put window treatments up. When we went back to Home Depot earlier this month to buy some more, they had sold out and weren’t restocking them. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you not keep it in stock when winter is still here? Not everyone is responsible and prepares before it is really cold out. What about the last minute, I don’t believe it will get that cold people? Geez.

Today I worked more on a story, read my “assignment” for tonights book discussion, played with the cats, cleaned the boxes and am thinking about cleaning the house a bit more. It’s hard to keep up with the all that cat hair and dirt with wooden floors. I can just imagine how crappy it would be if we had carpet covering every surface.

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