It only takes two minutes to set up DDR, and yet I don’t do it most of the time. Although I felt like dancing tonight, so I hooked her up. Wow, that is fun. The modification on the pads is going extemely well too, although Tim still is taking a long time to get used to it. Sucks that while he complains and moans about it, he is still consistently getting higher scores that I am. :P

Liama is coming over tomorrow to show me how to make glass beads. W0Oo! Tim is going to bake me a birthday cake (so he says) and he already gave me my present tonight. I got birthday fish! Three tetra’s and a cory. He also picked out a great card. Two ladies are sitting on the couch and one says “My arm’s jigglier” and the other says “No, mine’s jigglier,” and inside the card it says “It’s your birthday. Mine’s jigglier.”


What a sweetie. We also ordered pizza tonight. It was SO good. I ate it while watching an all new episode of Stargate SG1. Welp, tired now and off to bed.

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