Ugh. I just ate lunch which was Campbell’s Chunky Chicken and Dumpling soup which filled me to the bones! Tim had the same thing for lunch and said that 1.5 hours later he was hungry again. The curse of soup, but since I ate lunch at almost four I hope that means I will still have an appetite for dinner. Speaking of which, I have to figure out what that is going to be.

I think we are planning on going grocery shopping tonight, but to be hones I don’t want too. I don’t want to sit down and plan the next two to three weeks of food. Besides I can make do a while longer, if I make breakfast in advance, unthaw some of the frozen leftovers and cook. Although I do think I will need milk and eggs. I guess I would like some more coffee too. I waver between actually getting these things, and pretending I am an isolated moutainer living in the wilds of Alaska and only get supplies like this once a year. Yeah….shouldering it through the tough winter.

This weekend was great! I learned how to make glass beads. When all was said and done I was left with eleven, beautifully handcrafted glass bead and the knowledge of how to do it. The only thing I have to think about now, is whether I want to do it more. I think I will have to think about that more though. There are ton of other things I want to do right now. But Liama is a great teacher and should hold her own workshops, and my god…does she know how to do a lot of craftwork. I mean, I thought I had a fair portion of how to do it, but I think I am pale in comparison. On the other hand, it’s great to know another person that follows the “Jack of all trades — Master of none” motto. :D

Sunday my friend Sarah took me out for lunch and shopping! Oh my gosh. I hadn’t been shopping in SO long and she took me to DSW where I got my long dreamed of slippers and to Michael’s Craft Store. They were having a 90% … yes you read that right, , NINTY percent off sale on all Christmas items. Needless to say, I spent a good portion/chunk of my money there stocking up for next year. I won’t have to buy ANYTHING for Christmas for a long time. How cool is that? Oh that made me so happy and put me in the shopping spree mood. However when I looked at the rest of the stuff, I was shocked at how expensive it seemed (because 90% off really makes it cheap….like they are giving it away). I did end up getting a new ink pad, a star punch, cards, stickers, two skiens of yarn, candy hearts, a party (gonna use it for craft) tray, a wood carving set for Tim and some wood nibblets to whittle with and … is that it? Huh. Well the Christmas stuff really made a difference! Geez.

Oh, and on Friday I got Birthday .. oh wait, I told you that. The fishes are still alive though. :P Today the UPS man came with Dover. WOO! I love that shit. I got three post card books, two sticker books and a 12th Century Latin Bestiiary (Translated). Plus I got eight well wishes, in various forms from friends and family. Awww…how thoughtful.

So what do I want to do? I have this Uncle who I never met. My Mom’s younger brother. Her older brother died when I was thirteen. Anyway, so I am inspired to write him because one of my Mom’s second cousins wrote HER a few months ago (and now they write back and forth) out of the blue. Completely out of the blue. I guess I would like to know who Chuck is, and also see if he has information on my cousins from Uncle Larry (the one who died) contact information. Losing Aunt Janice made me realize that I do have other family out there, even if I have never met them or know nothing about them. Who knows, maybe one of my cousins is just like me and we would have tons in common. Maybe.

I have no idea how to start this card/letter or even what to say. None. Email me with Ideas.

Oh, and on a second note…I was asked to answer some questions for a sophomore here at the university regarding the possiblity of a casino in Madison. Thank god I convinced her to email the list of questions she was going to ask…but to be honest I feel like a bad person to ask. Plus, I don’t know how I feel about her using my full name in this article.

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