Koopa bit me! I can’t believe it. The little brat. She is no longer afraid of me and was running all around and climbing the cage in front of me while I was getting her dish. Then when I put the dish in there, she reached over and nipped my finger! What? Just when I thought I was getting to her. You know you are supposed to be handle these little possums, but she is all spit and fire. I suppose you gotta take it one day at time. Next time I am wearing gloves and am going to leave my hand in there a bit so she gets used to that too.

What a little brat. Speaking of brats, Pluto was all bored this morning too. He was playing with a pipe cleaner when I felt sorry for him and gave him a rawhide treat. The baby ate it in under ten minutes. Geez. Now Migo is on my craft table to the left and looking at me with her green eyes. Sigh.

Last night we had visitors! The first one was a misdelivery and I sent him on his merry way. The second time the door was knocked I told Tim it was his turn to get it. (Ha. listen to me. You get it…I got it last time — like we have visitors all the time. :P ) Tim got it and said it was for me. What? For me? Crap, I should look better or more presentable or something. Eh. I went in and saw that it was Liama! What was she holding in her hands but a birthday present! Wow. I opened it up and saw that it was a chinese/japanese? caligraphy/drawing set. Complete with the ink that you have to mix with water, and a little copper spoon and red ink to go with the L that she carved in the stone stamp. How neat! Plus she gave me paper to go with it. I would say it is rice paper, but since I can’t read it, I will go with the generic description. Awesome! I then, felt like a little kid and had to show her all the art on the walls that was given to her and my other calligraphy pen that Tim got when he was in Brighton.

I am feeling like I have had way more birthday recognition than ever. What did I do to deserve it? *shucks*

On the craft front, I got our four little knitting needles and am going to attempt to knit a circular … thing. Hm I have book that shows me 1001 croquet and knit stitches, but reading it is like reading a calculus book. That doesn’t stop me from taking it out and leaving it on the coffee table like I know what I am doing.

This morning I got up when Tim did! Then went back to sleep for another hour…. come on. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know. But getting up at 9.15 really made a difference. All my interent crap is done, I took a shower, took Pluto out and drank some coffee. Not to shabby, and it’s just barely noon. I have the whole afternoon now! Rock on.

Tim had his review today and then tells me he was let go. Who thinks that’s funny? Not me. He then said that the meeting went okay. What a chump. He gets so stressed over these things.

Last night I also made an attempt to make some new penpals, but as of this morning I haven’t heard a response. Time will tell. The last time I put the call out….or looked for some, I got maybe ten responses, but only three ended up to be good keepers and one maybe. The others…eh. I did send a nice letter to my Mom, a letter to my unknown uncle chuck and a birthday card for the mother in law.

Okay, on to some writing.

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