I am making Naan today because John invited us over to his place for curry and DDR. Woo. What a nice day … inside that is. The sun is all shiney and the outside looks crisp and clean and it makes the house seem all warm and welcoming. I even burned some woodsmoke incense to make it smell like wood smoke in the house. Cozy! It was the perfect setting to sit on the couch and write a story, which I actually completed. Sometimes you just need to get away from the computer.

Anyway, I should take a shower so that my hair has time to dry before I am shoved out into the cold cold night. Oh wait, Stargate is on tonight! Dang. I am going to have tape that before heading out.

Yum. I made some decaf lady grey tea. Maybe I will go knit for awhile while I am starting the bread and THEN take a shower. Yes, that is what I will do.

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