Okay. So Friday we went over to John’s and ate Curry with Phil and Erin and his friend Jeremy, then played DDR followed by Mario Cart and Party. It was fun. We came home went to bed and Saturday started a while later.

I watched Whale Rider and was teary quite a bit. That movie was awesome. I watched Ratcatcher a Scottish, how can they understand themselves talking, movie that was just okay. Then I played some DDR by my self. Made something for dinner and finally retired to the bedroom to read Black Sun Rising by C S Friedmen. Later got up to watch Freddy VS Jason and you can read Tim’s review of that.

Sunday, I got up. Made some breakfast, watched TV, took Pluto for a walk, watched more TV. Went to Target and EB Games and Video Game Exchange looking for the older model of Gameboy advance (which we FINALLY found at Target). The city has been drained of them, probably in preparation for Crystal Chronicles. Next weekend we have to get the gamecube. I wish we could just borrow one from someone. :( Anyway, at Target they had a sale on the winter men clothes and for less than 20 bucks we got Tim TWO new sweaters, and TWO pairs of pants. Which is really saying I got two new pair of pants too—but I don’t think I will wear those for awhile. I like pants when they are broken in. I also got a fabric curtain. That flimsy, filmy kind (two for ten) because I wanted to use one (or both) of as the outside of a shower curtain. Tim said he hated that idea. I said I only asked him what color he preferred, NOT whether or not he liked my idea.

Luckily only one panel is needed but the curtain is too long. I am going to need to hem it I think. That is certainly a project for me to work on…finally I can get rid of that ugly dark green plastic curtain. Then we went home and I went to read some more, and then we ordered pizza and wings and watched some more TV and then afterward I went to read again. At 11:00 we went to bed and I had a terrible nights sleep. I keep waking up because my back hurt, it was too hot, and I had a nightmare (all I remember is Pluto was biting me). Sigh.

And now it is today. Lots of busy work today.

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