On another note, I woke up this morning at 5.30 with a raging headache, and my jawline hurting (no doubt from grinding my teeth). But what really woke me up was the nightmare I was having. I was in house, and soon knew that outside the house there were bad things. So I went around and started locking the doors and such. I had just gotten to the front door and had barely shut the screen, locked it, and shut the door, and did all three manual locks before I took the time to actually put a key in it and deadbolt it (from the inside??) the dogs had come. They were pushing against the door and everytime I locked it, the lock didn’t work. I couldn’t not let the door be ungaurded because then the dogs would come though. And then, just like in Resident Evil, I turn around to see that there are already two more hell dogs behind me (gotten in through the other faulty doors and windows, I’m sure). Then I woke up. 8)

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