So, in Time this week, there is a short blurb that says … well what we all have been dreaming about for years and years. Is our frantic, chubby, chocolate loving, shopping fanatic, emotionally insecure heroine going to get hitched? Is she finally going to experience the ultimate American fantasy? Tune in and find out Valentines weekend to see if Cathy accepts her first marriage proposal from long time doormat, Irving.

Just THINK of all the funny comics you can do with Cathy obsessing over dresses and how fat they make her look, and in law’s, past boyfriends/girlfriends on the invitation list, the cake, where the reception should be, what that first dance should be, the cheesy bachelorette party, and bridal shower, Cathy worrying about if she will make a good wife…etc. etc.

I can hardly wait. >-<

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