WOO! I am back and better than ever. Okay, maybe just back. So what happened? When we moved to Madison I forgot to change the email address for my server provider and subsequently missed all the notifications that my domain was going to expire. And bam. It expired. Lots of swearing frusturated hours/days later, it is back.

In that mean time I posted TWO posts, on livejournal. Egads. It felt weird. Like I was invading other people’s space with my accounts of cleaning, dog watching, neighbor chatting or whatever. Now that I am back, I can blather on as much as I want too.

This week has been an awesome mail week. I have a few new potential pen friends: Sam the boy (first male pen pal in the sense that he is a stranger), Knitting Canada, Political Canada, Virgina who sent me incense! — she is one of my favorite penpals, and Gale (one of my longest penpals) who finally became a real constable (again with the Canada). Cool. Plus I sent three letters out to people that seemed vaguely interesting. I hope they pan out and aren’t penpal collectors. There are so many people out there who want a penpal but do absolutely nothing to show me that *they* themselves are interesting. Oh, I have tried writing to a few of them but they really dont’ know how to write a letter. Anyway….I feel like Ronald Regan. It is said that he didn’t have many close personal friends, but he was constantly writing letters. Using letters as a form of communication and expression. AND my Mom sent me a valentines day card! What’s gotten into her? She has been SO good at writing me right away that I am starting to feel like I am the slacker.

Sigh. Maybe it is just winter. I need to get that driver’s license, but then….why? Where would I go with it? What would I do with it? I have no money, and everyone works or is super busy getting married, buying houses, travelling to exotic locations or being all around cosmopolitian — if I want to do ANY of that I need to publish something. So, I must go back and write some more.

But before I do, let me just say that Final Fantasy is absolutely awsome. We went over to John’s last night, and to play with three other people on a adventure/role playing game was fun. I was SO tired this morning and wanted to sleep in but had to be up for Janice who was dropping an eagle feather off for me to bead. By the time she showed up (late), I was already up and it would have taken more effort to go back to sleep. She said she would email me information about the ho chunk area meetings and when and where they are. She said that other young people like myself attend –maybe I will make a friend? Some good aquaintances at the very least. That is if I can convince myself to go. The first meeting next week is just a stupid rally for the Casino vote in Madison. I don’t need to get pepped up for it, Tim and I were going to vote Tuesday anyway.

Fedex came by later and dropped off our OWN version of FFCC. :D Tim is taking the day off tomorrow so we can play the whole day. I think I will save the guest room for FriDAY to clean and get squared away, so that we have the whole weekend to play.

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