The ‘N’ and the ‘M’ keys on my keyboards have completely faded away. I haven’t used this key board very long either — it’s a cheap one that came with the server Tim got last year.

I went to the circus yesterday. Matt calls me up and asks me, and I said no. Then I paced in the kitchen for a few moments asking myself WHY I said no. Sure the money was an issue, but it wasn’t *that* much and it’s not like I am a big spender anyway. What did I have to do that was so important it couldn’t wait? Nothing. Besides I don’t really like the 80′s so why the hell was I watching the 80′s strike back 1984? Geez. I called back and said yes. They picked me up and we went to for two hours of kids, elephants, tigers, rope people, line walkers and a predictable clown. It was okay.

If sister in law Sarah’s career in gymnastics doesn’t work out then she can always get a job at the circus. They obviously have tons of gymnastics experience. Oh, it was also the first time I have ever been to a circus INDOORS. It definitely adds more of the old world feel to it.

The inlaws came for a visit for the first time on Saturday. Yep, they saw the house in all it’s effortless clean glory, and after visiting for a hour and half – Mom went to a gymnastic meet, and we took Dad over to Ella’s Deli (at 4:00 ) to have some early supper. I am glad we got there when we did, little line and short wait. But as anyone notices how expensive their drink prices are??? Geez. THAT is how they make the money to pay for their electric bill.

Welp, back to the daily grind of animal keeping, writing, some more reading, a little research and of course a few moments have to be spent staring into space and thinking about dreams.

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