They only want you when you’re 17, when your 28, you’re no fun.

Right. I figured out how to solve the migo problem, at least while I am at my computer. The tension between the cats has been high lately and the scapegoat has been…Migo. She in turn sticks by me all day and is constantly ‘up in my shit.’ Today is not exception. I looked around in desperation and found a small box. I ripped off the cover things, put a beat up old pillow in it and put it on the filing cabinet right next to the computer and stuck her in it. Now she is dozing peacefully and within petting range, and more importantly — NOT on my key board. Innsmouth came in a little while later and glared at her from the entrance. I immediately whisked her off to a bed. I need someone to speaks cat to come and negotiate a treaty. The rivalry is tearing this country apart!

I forgot to mention yesterday that on Sunday I was watching the Surreal Life while making dinner. My entire week, nay month was made when I saw they convinced Vanilla Ice to Karaoke to his own song. That fucking ruled! I only watched the show that one time, but I would have to say Vanilla Ice is my favorite character.

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