Step 1: Open your iTunes/WinAmp, etc.

Step 2: Put all of your music on random.

Step 3: Write down the first 20 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

Skinny Puppy – Assimilate

Danny Elfman – The Nightmare Before Xmas

Dolly Parton – Jolene

Collide 09 – Black

Real Life – Send Me an Angel

Fictional – Blue Lights

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Drifter

Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring on the Dancing Horses

16 Horsepower – American Wheeze

Bel Canto – Intravenenous

Rosewater Elizabeth – Red Hair Whisper

Diary of Dreams – Never Freeze

Johnny Cash – I walk the Line

The Cruxshadows – Ave Maria

Pasty Cline – Walking After Midnight

Echo and the Bunnymen – People are Strange

Apoptygma Berzerk – Eclipse

TKK – Devil Bunnie

Crocodile Shop – Core

Fischerspooner – Horizon

Wow, that was a real bunny influenced mix, now wasn’t it?


Last night since Tim was playing MMW4 I watched four episodes of Babylon Five. I watched the last two of season two, and the first … oh dear, was it three? Episodes of Season Three. It really addicting! I really liked how Kash was revealed a legend out of each of the races beliefs, and how Mollari couldn’t see it at all (conflicted evil is always the best). I also laughed quite a bit in that Bomber episode where Londo and Mollari was trapped in the elevator shaft, in which Mollari hollers “Can anyone hear me?” and Londo replies in a small voice “I can hear you,” and laughs. Oh that was rich.

Which such a terrible war looming overhead how are Sheridan and Delenn gonna hook up? There doesn’t seem like enough time for romance.

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