I am Hooo muuunnnnannee and I need to be loved.

Wow, this past weekend was positively hopping! Starting with Final Fantasy at John’s on Wednesday, following with the academic books group on Thursday, to Friday’s impromptu visit from Callie and Zeman who brought Sigrid and Matt over to play Dance Dance Revolution (ohh they laughed at Tim and I at first, but then they got hooked) followed by a game of the 90′s game. I don’t think I am going to recommend playing that game again, unless someone else really wants too. It’s to freaking hard. Besides we have crap loads of fun other games to play. In any case it was a nice change having all those social things to do.

Saturday Tim was tired from walking dogs and having blood sprayed all over his pants, and playing Mechwarrior (oh it can be tough), grocery shopping and so went to bed at 10.00. I stayed up until a respectable 12:00 watching crappy television. I hate Anna Nicole just as much as I hate Jessica Simpson. They are both absolute nitwits. It pisses me off that such turds can be rich when there are so many more deserving people out there. Sunday I cleaned and did my best to de hair the house in preparation for Sarah’s arrival (who may or may not be allergic to cats). She didn’t seem to have a reaction all night so it might be good. Whew… Tim and I made Jambalaya last night — whooo spicy!

Today was an awesome mail day. Two letters from brand spanking new penpals, a post card from Paris, and a new Time magazine. I got up this morning early to give the eagle feather to the person that asked me to do it, but she didn’t show. Then she called at 9.45 to say that she was sick and would reschedule. Eh. I had thought of the perfect excuse to not have lunch today either! (Mostly it is because I do not want to take the bus there in the gray cold wetness, pay for a lunch I shouldn’t be affording right now and then come back — but you can’t say that as an excuse). Having the guests was the perfect excuse…now I am going to have to think of another one.


To top it off Tim is in a funk again about being in software and hating it and wanting to find his true calling — shoot. Any suggestions for what Tim should be?

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