I read 3/4 of Emily of New Moon by L. M. Montgomery with a couple glasses of wine (a little over board…opps) and finished the book. It’s such a great story and I am so glad that Sarah recommended it AND lent me the books. Very inspirational.

Today I got another letter, but did manage to send one off, as well as compose one for tomorrows mail. I have a stock pile of six letters I need to work on, but it is a pleasant challenge. :D

Pluto won’t eat his morning food and barely eats his dinner food. What the heck is wrong with him? He only eats the good stuff the cottage cheese or pieces of chicken in it. I think he has a case of winter depression. I hate it when my animals don’t eat, fight and generally are difficult.

I got an automated phone call from Blockbuster for some dude, reminding us that we have an over due movie since Saturday. I laughed and hung up. Hopefully we won’t be using blockbuster ever again thanks to Netflix. The movies for this week are: Logan’s Run, Justice League: Paradise Lost, and B5: Season 3, disk 2.

I called around for CPA’s today and was shocked and outraged at the basic fee for doing taxes. At least 200 dollars. Geez we decided to buy Turbo Tax and do it ourselves since we know so many people who have done it, and they have live support and a good website. I hate tax time. Hate it.

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