I was going to tell you my dream this morning, but I can’t remember it. Even though when I woke up I ran it through my head like three time. I was sure I was going to remember it. But then as I was about to cross the street, I realized I couldnt’ remember it. I could only remember that there was a bus in it. I rode a bus…but it was a lot more surreal and interesting than that.

Does anyone remember what that was called when they brought brand new books to your elementary school and put them in a gym or a room, and everyone would get a chance to go through them and pick one? A brand spanking new book! I remember the first one I got was The Secret of Nimh, the second was Journey to the Center of Earth, and then 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. That program was brilliant, I was so excited to read a brand spanking new book. But then, that was back when I was little, as much as I love books now… I would much rather use my hard earned library card to borrow a book and enjoy reading without feeling like the book has to valuable in any sort of way…by that I mean…deep knowledge, looks good on a shelf….really great literature. Library books open up a world of reading without the guilt, the shame or the … I dunno. Back to the question at hand though, what was the name of that program?

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