I am on goblin patrol today. The girls have just finished working on some water color painting and talking about how they wished Monet was alive so that they could talk to him, or that he was in their family. My other favorite thing was the younger one, almost five – pointed to a tear in her stocking and informed that it was a “hole in her ladyhose.”

Ladyhose. HA! Cute. I think in bit we might have to go for a walk to get out of the house. It is such a nice day since the sun made an appearance.

Hannah says: I don’t want to talk.

I say “How come?” Hannah looks at me with a little smile and says nothing. She crosses her arms and turns away with a shy glance to get on the trampoline to sit down, then scoots off to hop one legged across the floor to tell her sister that her foot hurts.

Hannah crawled back and now says “Ay Aie yah. I like butterfly frog sandwiches with cinnamon suger sprinkled on top. I also like chocolate nuggets.”

Spring seems to permeate my social self lately. First, I have made a new friend (yah for getting out there and socializing!). Afterward I went to my book group and got to finish the discussion of Globalization and It’s Terrors by dramatically saying “Let the world burn.”

Oh gee, I am distracted now. I should get off the punkuter anyway and see about going outside. I wonder how far St. Vincent is from here. I know it is close, but how close…and how far can Hannah walk?

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