A few things. First, I found an email from TDS telling me that my email account was disabled because of unauthorized use and in order to find out more, just unzip the handy zip file that was attached. They even had the gall to put the TDS website at the bottom. I redirected that puppy straight to the TDS folks — I hope it doesn’t get caught in their virus scan thing or whatever. The gall! This has been on the most insidious virus attempts I have seen in a long time.

Second, the City Water Meter Man was here, and told me a story that a few years back, there was this lady that lived in my neighborhood. She had an ocd complex and didn’t want to move the stuff, or let the City Water Meter Man change the meter. She also decided that she did not want to pay her water bill any more because she didn’t need water. After a year, it came out that the woman had been using a tub to go to the bathroom. Just think of it, and entire years worth of pure waste sitting in your house festering. I remember I couldn’t stand the outhouses I had to use when I was young, but those at least were outside and breezy. Can you imagine having that inside?? The City Water Meter Man said that was in the papers and such, but of course I have no recollection of it — probably because I wasn’t here. He related some other colorful stories of folks houses in the city of Madison. What a great little break in the day. :D

Third, Tim is home sick today. Poor dear. The night before he said he couldn’t sleep, and then last night he was cranky and when he went to bed he had a fever. I gave him some Nyquil and then today he was feeling worse. I said that he had to have bed rest though. For the first time in many many months he slept past 12:00. Now that is a sign that he is sick.

Fourth. I don’t know how “they” figured out I was a house bound woman of married status, but they did. I have started to get Suzie homemaker junk mail packets for Health and Wellness Club, Creative Home and Arts Club, Harlequin Book Club, Mystery Book Club, Doubleday Book Club — all in the last two weeks. What’s great is the non book clubs ones send me little incentives gifts, I got a cute little gift bag, two memo pads, a packet of green tea, and my all time favorite and it is about time — Address Labels with my name on it. Although the spelled my last name Redeagle without the capital E. However, I used to spell my last name like that until I was 15 or so. Also government and businesses seem to differ on it too, so I am therefore known as Red Eagle and Redeagle on many important documents. I think I will use the labels anyway…I am sure folks are trained to KNOW how my last name should be by now.

Fifth, I am going to go to resale shops with Hilary and Mina today. Woo. I should get a picture of her so I can add to the friends section so you have an idea of who I am talking about. Also, I need to tell her sometime today that I don’t say good bye on the telephone (rarely ever) or in person so that she doesn’t think I am some kind of rude socially inept weirdo.

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