Lots to do today, and I am not entirely sure how it is going to be done. Not that I am stressing too much about it since I haven’t done anything. I did get a cake though…that is something. This week has been extra busy, moreso than usual.

Yesterday, the girls who came to my house later AFTER I had already gone to their house earlier to find that it was empty and locked. It seems their Mom and Dad had forgotten that it was Thursday, mistaking it for Wednesday went off to school and work like normal. They were confused when they got to the school to find out that there was no school but rather teacher parent conferences. He he. She is very scattered sometimes. I always seem to make the aquaintance of folks with many things on their mind. Anyway, we made pink sugar cookies from “scraps” complete with our own frosting, played outside, watched cartoon disney and old fashioned toys.

Tim being sick sucks. Him going to bed at 9:00, after getting up from a afterwork nap to eat dinner, really messes up my schedule. It’s also boring. We cancelled academic book group and I showed Sarah how to knit. Later I took Pluto out on a walk in the pouring rain to try and make him go potty. All he succeeded in doing was getting soaked and sniffing every single shrub and peeing on every other tree. It was nasty out! The only good thing out of the deal was that he got somewhat of a bath thus removing all the mud that has been slowly caking on his fur over the past two weeks.

Well, I want to take advantage of Alladin and do some writing.

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