Oh great mercy. The fog of the sick slowly evaporates. I feel much better today, but I don’t think I am going to overdo it. Yesterday while I was recouperating I got hooked on Confessions of A Oldest Living Confenderate Widow (thanks Lifetime), and the second half is showing today. I think that I should probably take it easy today as well, to ensure that this isn’t a “false recovery,” and watch the rest of the program and clean the office. I did manage to clean the living room and kitchen yesterday inbetween commericals. I am sure I can be equally successful today.

Free items today include: a spaghetti measure/blow scraper, refrigerator magnet and a small packet of recipe cards from my friends from the ‘sell shit to homemakers” marketing team.

Why is it, that when I am sick I have the most motivation and ambition to do things? I wanted to start an exercise fitness routine, start a novel, learn ho chunk, clean the WHOLE house, make some oatmeal scones (hmmm I could do that today….), garden, take Pluto for a walk, etc, etc. I have endless inspiration but no actual energy to go through with it. Perhaps. that is it, I can dream about what if, because I can’t actually do it. How cruel.

I did scare up enough energy to show Sarah how to play DDR though. She laughed like they all do in the beginning, but soon became addicted.

Movies this week include: Underworld, Cabin Fever and more B5.

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