Tired this morning. My head feels kinda…stuffy or something. ON the train this morning, the man who has the same exact outfit as bugboi (tie, shirt, pants, etc.. aka creepy old doppelganger) sat in a seat up and across from me. Keep in mind this was a fairly crowded train because the purple line, as always was late again. Suddenly I hear a noise I hadn’t heard since my freshman year of college from the room of hell Cory. The sound of someone trying to suck snot from their nose through the back of their throat. You all know that noise, that one that you can make without making an expression. I looked up and around discreetly trying to find the culprit of this dispicable act, when I see him. He’s looking as innocent as ever, and I start reading again. Then he starts again, up to three snot snorts in a minute. Whose he kidding???! We all know it is him. Eww….

Then we get to Davis and tons of people get off, and tie snorting dude changes to the seat across from him with disgust (trying to pass the snot noises blame to person he was sitting next too). So, now he is sitting next to the girl that I have wanted to talk to for weeks, but have never said anything too and one minute later starts mumbling. At first I am in shock that he is talking to the interesting girl, but then I realize that he isn’t talking to her but some random woman sitting three rows down. “Quit fucking staring at me. I can see you staring at me, which your fucking sunglasses.” Mumble, mumble…. I look at the woman, and I don’t think she is staring at him, but I know I am. In fact I think I think I stared at him most of the ride after he put his back to mine.

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