Last night Tim and I went to a Pee Party at the Inferno. Rules were you got in, and got a cup and got to drink FREE beer until someone broke the seal or left. I got in three beers, Tim got two and the contest lasted for an hour and a half. Contrary to popular belief it was NOT a woman that broke down, but rather the second dude in the contest who had consumed a total of six beers.

Tired … this will do for today.

current clothing: inside out jammies (oops), green T, and a fluffy white robe

current mood: hungover

current taste: yesterday’s coffee

current hair: long and messy, but at least in a clip out of my face

current annoyance: my headache

current fragrance: frankensence incense a penpal sent me

current thing you ought to be doing: nuthing, I am doing what I planned to be doing right now

current jewelry: same stuff as always, earring, five rings and a lip stud

current book: Neccessary Noise, Tales in Time and Walk Softly, Rachel

current refreshment: yesterday’s coffee

current worry: reading Prison Nation for tonight’s book group

current favorite celebrity: Johnny Depp

current longing: Wishing this headache would go away

current music: none, I am sick of my mp3 list

current wish: That I could figure out what my block is, and finish my stories.

current lyric in your head: bloody bloody thursday

current regret: having that last beer

current desktop picture: lotr, two towers image

current plans for this weekend: help rip up carpet and the epic anniversary party

current cuss word du jour: damn

current disappointment: yesterday’s coffee

current amusement: this stupid thing

current IM/person: Ben, and Tim

current avoidance: going outside in the cold

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