What a weekend. I am sore right now and impatiently waiting for the percolator to brew me up some coffee. I can hear Tim saying right now “We never should have gotten that percolator, it takes to long.” Bah, we have had it for five and half years now and never had to replace it, like you would with OTHER coffee makers. Still, I am beginning to think a two shooter might be nice.

Friday began with going with Liama to look at houses. We looked at total of seven houses, the last one at six at night and set up via Liama instead of the realtor. This house is closer and a ten minute bike ride at most, it had an awesome…like dream basement with a work shop that took up the whole wall with tons of built in cabinets and shelves…oh it was dreamy (and warm!). I like warm basements. The floors were all hardwood and in good shape, and the living room was covered with dream catchers. Heh. I asked the woman if she made them, and she said no, that she bought them all. There were also kokopelli things everywhere! It was quite clear to me that the wife (I am 99% sure it was her — it always is), had a case of Indian over admiration. Which is quite all right me with, and I fully encourage everyone to feel that way. However, I wish that the … artwork/craftwork would have been original pieces and not put together by looking through a Fingerhut catalogue.

That aside the folks were great! And man could the mother’s mother quilt. Those quilts were FANTASTIC! I had a case of quilting envy after I left. Maybe I will start a crazy quilt. Yeah. I am getting into these long term sewing or knitting projects while watching TV or movies. The knitting is hard because I don’t know how to make fancy completed things like sweaters. I need to have someone teach me how to read those patterns. Sewing patches together is easy! Just time consuming.

So Saturday I got up in the ass crack of dawn and went with Tim to Geneva Wisconsin to walk dogs. It was okay though because I knew for a week that the best day last week was going to be Saturday. Oh it was so deliciously warm and springlike. After walking the grey hounds waiting for homes, we took the long way back (oops) to Madison, threw Pluto out to go potty and then jumped back into the car to help Sarah n Dave with the house. My only war wound is a little blister sore on my middle finger (right hand) from pulling up nails. Oy. In the early evening we had to head home and get dressed for the Epic 25th Anniversary party.

Ahh the Epic party. It was held at the Monona Terrace. There were lots of people from Epic (and spouses/partners), and two weddings — which is how the Monona Terrace stays in business it would seem. I saw Liama and said hi, and Bierka and Ryan but they didn’t see me and I didn’t have an opportunity to get up. Eh well. The CEO was the worst public speaker I have ever seen, and I was embarrassed for their “award show” because one of ten people where there to accept the award. How sad. We left midway through it and went to the Essen Haus with some folks from our table and other E people who didn’t go to the dinner. Hey the coffee and dessert was good though. ;) I have never seen a major company run out of food (read desserts).

Essen Haus was awesome and we went through FOUR boots! That was my first time whuping some boots, it was fun. And they had polka! [Boots = a large boot shaped glass filled with beer that you drink and pass around the table].

Sunday I got up and headed over to Middleton to offer my services of help with Sarah n Dave’s new house. Sigrid and Matt stopped by around lunch time and we all went out to Hubbard’s diner (nice place – good pie).Then we went back and did some more house stuff. I felt I could have done more by the time Tim picked me up — but that is probably because I am not exhausted and sick and tired of home improvement projects and therefore have lots of energy. :)

Tim picked me up and we headed home. I realized half way home that I forgot my cell phone. Geez. Why do I keep forgetting my shit everywhere? First my purse at the Inferno last Thursday. Then my cell phone a few days later. I am beginning to think I am careless….dang it. Gotta keep a better eye on my stuff.

When we came home I retired to the bedroom and read: Bookbat, and Night Flying and most of the Motorist Handbook. I even took notes and learned TONS, oh TONS of stuff about driving that I didn’t care about back in High School the first time around. Friday is the day, I gotta call sometime this week to add me to our insurance because Tim will not let me drive our car, even to practice, until I am insured. Pft. The real hard part is coming up…stick driving. I just have to remind myself that one day I will drive manual as effortlessly as Eric, Hilary, Tim and Shane.

Today, Pluto is restless. Tim said that when he got up he found Pluto sleeping on the futon instead of crate. He went out twice and he when he came in he kept playing with squeaky toys. Pluto is not a morning dog, so this is unusual behavior. I think it stems from being ignored all weekend. I must take him for a walk today. I hope it isn’t TOO cold outside. I don’t like cold.

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