My internet explorer keeps performing illegal operations and shutting itself down. That sucks. I wonder if I need an update, or my six year old computer is staring to have problems keeping up. In any case.

Oh the pressure is on! I have two responses from respectable citizens to read my drivel! Must finish drivel. I worked on it all day yesterday and only succeeded in fixing some really rough patches and worrying about how I am going to fit in all the other stuff I want and yet keep it relatively short. Maybe I am a novelist. Bah. Oh well, today I am going to free write the rest and just … do it. As Nike and Spike Lee says….just do it.

First, I am going to go to Ella’s Deli with Hilary for a spot of coffee and some relaxation. I need to be … zenned…to do this. I also have to mop the kitchen floor today. It’s a mud pit…white socks beware. Spring + dog = dirty house.

Crap, and I have academic book group tonight. I SO don’t want to be in this group anymore. Making commitments suck. Other people break them all the time, why can’t I?

Plus, I just realized I can’t get my permit tomorrow morning. The greyhound we are sitting for this weekend is arriving tomorrow morning around 9 or 10 and I have no idea how long the DMV is going to be. Next week then. Shoot, I was looking forward to … hey wait. Tim is taking next Thursday off to recuperate from DJing at the Inferno for the Fool’s Masquerade…I can go then. Yah! Oh…gotta go.

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