I went to my first Tae Kwan Do class tonight and already have some bruises on my hand. Of course that is because I was really grabbing the other dude’s outfit in a move because I wanted to make sure the move really did work. Ach. I got my own little outfit AND a belt. Woo! I have to give it more time, but what I did like was that you just jumped right in. I hate it when classes baby step you in the beginning. More tomorrow and then next week I will see about making day time classes.

Ahh Rabdos (still need a title) is in the works. I have spent much time on it and to my shock…it’s long. Am I a novelist at heart? Impossible. I love short stories so much. I need to focus on finishing something right now. Really finishing it…so I need a bit of a extended deadline. Sorry about that.

I also got my new Writer’s Market book and was reading the front part which is how the authors made it….and dang. The average time it takes is six years to get published. Six years? I don’t have six years…I have four years to make this happen. I also considered the job thing again so I am applying for two state jobs. The likely hood of that happening is slim. The weird thing about the application is that I need a witness to sign it. A witness….how..bureaucratic.

Alright more writing. I barely did anything today. Yesterday whooped me a bit. But perseverance is the key, right?

Tim also made an interesting comment today. He said I am charmed. No, not like the hallowell ladies…but “everything I touch turns gold.” What a nice thing to believe! I have been lucky however I think of what Holly used to say which is: Chance favors the prepared mind (Louis Pasteur). While I believe there is truth a little luck, I also believe that you must look for it, be pepared and not afraid to try new things, meet new people or be open…to anything.

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