Woo Hooo! Twenty five buckeroos has been made and will be slotted for the vacation fund. I was looking at ticket prices last night and got totally bummed because they are so expensive! The cheapest is 273!! Tim then reminded me that we have lots of airline miles….42K to be exact. It costs 25K for US Canada Trip to anywhere (and only 50 outside of the US???). Not quite enough for two tickets, but plenty enough for one. Tim started to get all fighty and not want to do it…saying he wants to use his miles for a real expensive plane ticket somewhere. At which piont, I say “Where the hell would we go?” To which he responsed… “I don’t know, Seattle? British Columbia?”

Hm. I would like to visit BC, but I can wait on that. I would rather get to know the pen pals I have in that area better, and have Ben and Jen settled in before we crash the place. But we can do that NEXT year. This year, I vowed we are taking a vacation and what good are those miles if you don’t use em? You can’t hoard miles. They aren’t REAL money. Geez. Although we are considering driving…though not our own car. “Miles on the car….” You see, Tim is obessed with miles.

So, now the trip seems so much more manageable again. :D

This past weekend was a busy one. On Friday we went over to visit Hilary, her new baby the cranky Mina and meet the Husband. I thought we were just going to drop off some things and then leave, but we actually ended up staying and visiting! Woo. When we did leave, I stayed up late making moccasins for my friends daughter, and a beaded barrette. Man, five year olds have BIG ski’s. Seriously. Kids feet are HUGE!

Saturday we slept in, and that night went to the MATC powwow. It was fun, although disappointing that my friends daughter got a big case of the ‘shy’ and only went out once — even though she had apparently been exicited the whole day. Now I remember why I thought my grandmother was gruff at times…I bet I tried to pull the same thing except she wouldn’t hear any of it and I was out there. Glad though…because I wanted nothing more than to dance. They had to leave early though because one of the boys was goofing around and split his lip. It wouldn’t stop bleeding and while the kid was okay holding his blood rag to his face, everyone else had to hover. :D He he. I can go into more detail about the powwow but I honestly don’t think your interested.

Sunday I went off to Sigrid’s family bridal shower with Sarah. It was a pleasant time and nice to see Lowen again and hang out with Sarah. But LOOOOooooooonnnnnngggggg. The best part was the lemon bars and the violet party favor plant which I sent off to Epic with Tim to adorn his window and sit next to Millie (the english ivy).

Yesterday I rode bike to TKD for the noon class and almost died on one of the hills right before the place and had to get off my bike and do the walk of shame. :( I hope by the end of the summer I will be able to ride the whole way, no matter how slowly. TKD was hard! Lots of new moves and I had to be instructed aside, at the end, what the difference between a side kick and a roundhouse kick were. They look so alike! Then I came home and mopped the kitchen, only to see it go to hell today because it rained last night. It is SO nice out right now…the budding plants sucked that moisture right up and made it green. Very refreshing outside and warm. Maybe I will go and get some ground ready to plant my Lily of the Valley.

But first, I must clean the living room, and then write. But for now, I think my coffee is done.

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