Uh. What should I say? Hm. I saw Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere last Thursday. It was pretty good for BBC. I also watched Hellboy on Friday (courtesy of a half day for Tim). I liked it, there was an apocalyptic scene in there, why *wouldn’t* I like it? And how can you beat “My kittens! Save my kittens!” Up next is the Philadelphia experiment — a 1984 science fiction movie. One great thing about Netflix is my scifi viewing has increased dramatically. [post note: it sucked. I watched half of it and sent it back.]

Writing. Haven’t done any today but fully intend to start any minute now. I must finish it this week. I gots to. Gotta gotta do it. I know, novels aren’t written in a month or even three, take George RR Martin for example, Feast for Crows is FINALLY slated for an August 3rd release date after…how many years? I do want to at least get through the first draft and finish it…so that I can move onto other stories and start the polishing stage.

______ he shed gee, ja goey sha na?

How do you say _______.

OH and we are gonna go to Skinny Puppy show! Awesome. It has been a long time since I have wanted to see a show. At least I think so, this Wednesday thing is a bit of a bugger. If Tim can’t go then I will shoulder on without him.

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