I am gardener, hear me roar!

I worked the soil underneath the lilac tree today because I wanted to plant the lilly of the valley that Jen had given me. I go through all the work of tilling it up with a hoe, working in peat moss and manure only to find out that there was one little dried up root thing. That’s it? One little root thing? Did Jen already plant other ones and just leave one? Or is one all I need? Man. So I planted it and felt disappointed that there was all that other readied soil going to waste. Then I remembered she has some hosana? Or something like that. So I went and planted six of them on the other side. I figure that I can control it’s growth along side the fence in the opposite direction. Hopefully the lily will grow, if not then I am going to buy some. I must have lily of the valley under a lilac tree. My Mom had planted a lillac tree and lily of the valley underneath it at my Dad’s, decades ago when she was first married to him. It is still there and I have admired it so.

Speaking of Mom, she called to ask me if my house blew up. I said no, and that no houses around me blew up either. I later saw that a house over on Atwood did blow up at 4:00 AM this morning with no real rhyme or reason. Although a body was discovered in the basement. I suspect suicide. I assured my Mom that Tim is the safest, law abiding citizen that I know and we are very cautious about the house. She said that her dad was like that.

Oh man, I can’t wait for the end of the week and all the wonderful warmth to come to us. I am excited to start the lavendar, cat nip and work the ground to for a little mini garden behind the garage. We have such limited space for sunlight in the yard….I am going to be creative. The hippy neighbors have been out all week getting their garden ready. They are super excited about this upcoming season… hey at least we have something in common now (aside from dogs). I wish there was a place around here that I could get stone so I could make some borders and do a little landscaping. Growing up, we would just walk into the woods and pick up some…in town that is a little harder to do.

I finished and sent the taxes out today. Thank god that is done. Next year is going to be a lot easier with just one state to deal with.

I also wrote today, and got a good chunk done. After chop saki tonight and making dinner I WILL go back and plow through it some more.

Oh, and I request an application for Big Brother/Sisters today for Tim and I to join and be a Big couple, I suppose. :) I woke up this morning with a feeling that I should do it. So I did it.

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