Alright, I have a new feature for you! The Week in Pictures! Heck yeah. Now you can see some of the crap I am talking about, OR you can just see pictures. I figured I should make some use of my digital camera. Instead of putting it on this page and making it all complicated I am going to just put it on the photos page, which you can check out by clicking on the handy link to your left.

This weekend we rode bike 23 miles, grilled out, took Pluto to the dog park. I personally, dug a garden and did other garden work, went out Saturday night to the Inferno and drinker’s remorse the following day (why can’t I keep my mouth shut???), learned more Ho Chunk and thought of the week in pictures idea. Yeah, it was a busy weekend…okay maybe not Sunday. For the first time in along time I watched TV all freaking day. I saw: Jessica Simpson driven (the last part of it), Karate Kid, Beautiful Girl, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and Babylon Five 3:3. If you guessed that I didn’t even change the channel (except twice) then you were right!

Gotta make dinner. Dirty mac tonight, man I am hungry!

Oh and remember WEEK IN PICTURES! !!!

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