It doesn’t feel like anything is going according to plan. The only successful things I did today was make coffee and clean the bedroom to make room for Dixie. The greyhound we are going to foster for “no more than two weeks.” She just had her operation and needs recuping. Sigh. After chop saki we are going to go over and get a crate lent to us for this purpose. This whole thing is so half assed.

Plus, I have a bridal shower to host this weekend, and two dogs + rain = muddy house. I can’t win. I woke up with a headache this morning, and my right arm is tingly. I bet I have ms or something. Oh and when I took Pluto out a 1/2 hour ago he did nothing but play a little. He doesn’t go potty well in the rain. He hates it. I am just going to make Tim walk him and have to deal with the bag of crap.

Oh and I was going to go to the grocery store to pick up some breakfast/lunch items but it just started to rain. Blast if I am going to ride my bike in this crap and get all wet. I hate getting wet except when I am really really hot. Heh, which is ironic because whenever we camp it rains.

I need to write this blasted story, but all I suceeded in doing was writing three letters. Yes it is writing, but it doesn’t count. I should just go and put some music on, pour myself some more acid, and clean the house with some incense burning. Then maybe my arm won’t feel so numb and I can type out the rest of my story (but it so long!), or … hey, I could orate it and tape it. Then I could transcribe what I wrote down….it’s an idea. But I don’t think I could stand to listen to my own voice for that long. Just like I can’t stand to look in a mirror at myself. I just kind of avoid it.

I think I would rather just have a good friend over, or even a sibling to just play video games.

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