Did you know that ifyou wrap celery in aluminum foil and it put it in the fridge it will last for weeks?

My big white molly died and those snails…those evils snails who 15-20 of them were having a group orgy…ate her corpus before I could give her a three flush salute. The snails are getting big…huge and hungry. It is time to commit snailcide. All I need is a cucumber and they will DIE. Although I do feel like finding the fish basket so that I could scoop up all the sinning snails and flush them out of existence. I wonder if I could take a picture of them…. I will try that for week in pictures.

There…I took some pictures…also of Gypsy (racing name Dixie). I don’t think she is a Dixie… I think her new name is better. She’s a cutie though and starting to perk up after the operation. She ran into a cat she didn’t like this morning. Arkham swapped her and now she unfortunately growls whenever Innsmouth or Arkham come near the crate or stare at her. Sigh. Gotta fix that.

Okay, I am going to write today like I have never written before.

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