DONE! My gosh, I am done. With the first draft at least. It is now printed out and sitting on my editor’s desk along with one red gel pen, a ballpoint red pen, and a red pencil for good measure. Total word count: 18,865. However I know right now I need to write four more scenes, but those are more artisitic pieces that will add to the story, but not take away. If that makes any sense. I am going to work on those while he plods his way through my coming of age, deciet filled, slightly paranormal story. I can’t believe it…but you know, it don’t feel as good as I expected I would. Maybe because I know it is going to take some serious work to whup it into shape. Depending on how long it takes for the proofread copy to be updated, I expect my volunteers to be getting a copy very soon. That is if you haven’t chickened out. Of course if you have you just have to let me know and I won’t bother you with it. :)

Okay, and now on to TKD.

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